Saturday, March 2, 2013

Livestamp Your SharePoint Items

Last week I came across a small, nifty jQuery plugin, called Livestamp. It provides an auto-updating timeago text for timestamped HTML. In other words, a much more human readable representation for a datetime value. You can see some demo's here. I'm aware that there're some other similar projects, but in my opinion Livestamp is the most simple and active one at the moment.

SharePoint is loaded with less readable datetime values, so I searched for some nice Livestamp integration. Unfortunately I couldn't find a ready-to-roll, packaged solution and since I think some neat integration could be useful, I decided to build one.

It's a custom field for SharePoint 2010. When the solution is deployed there's an option to create a Livestamp column in your lists. When creating a new column you need to select a related date column. If the date column holds a date or datetime value, the Livestamp column will render the related, auto-updating, timeago text.

Solution package and source code are available at Codeplex.

- Added support for Calculated and Lookup columns with DateTime output
- Sorted column selection (alphabetically)

- Initial release


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